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View our 2024-2025 Class List!
Registration is Open for 2024-2025 Dance Season!
2024 Summer Classes and Camps Open for Registration!
Tuition prices are monthly or by session if applicable.

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In order to maintain a healthy and clean environment for our students we will be limiting class sizes.

Classes offered at S.D.S.

Mommy/Daddy and Me: Students will engage in hands-on movement activities essential to proper development in coordination, recognizing music and rhythms, counting and timing, and self-confidence. Students learn to stretch and dance using props such as scarves, rhythm sticks, shaker eggs, bean bags and ribbon sticks.   (4 week sessions.)           (ages 8 months -3yrs.)             


Creative Movement:  30 minutes of Creative Movement/Stretching and 15 minutes of Tap and 15 minutes of Tumbling. This class is designed to introduce our young dancers to the fundamentals of Creative Movement/Ballet, Tap and Tumbling. Emphasis is placed on flexibility, strength, motor skill development and basic rhythms providing an excellent       foundation for further development. (ages 3-5)               


Kinder dance:  More detailed integration of the Creative Movement Class.  The goal of this class is to prepare students for more disciplined levels of dance. Kinder Dance is taught with a variety of combinations and choreography, in a structured and fun                       atmosphere. (ages 5-6)                 

                            Combination Classes:  Ballet, Tap, Tumbling  and Jazz if desired.                                                    (ages 6/7 and up)                            


Special Ballet Program:  An added hour of ballet to the schedule.  Workshops are available  to these students with guest teachers “in house” and “out.”           


                                        Pointe work is added at teacher’s discretion.                                                               


Adult Ballet: Adult Ballet classes are ideal for beginners and/or former dancers wanting      to return to their passion and those looking to use dance-based fitness as a way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

             Summer Dance Camps!                     

Themed Dance Camps are a great way to introduce your young child to dance!             Check out this Summer’s Camps with the above link!

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